What is alkaline water?

Drinking water is important and essential to every cell, tissue and organ in the body. It is the main component of the human body. Therefore, drinking water is an important factor that affects health. There are many types of drinking water for us to choose from, such as bottled water, distilled water, boiled water, filtered water, tap water, mineral water, vitamin-infused water. and alkaline water which at present Alkaline water is being widely described as helping to balance the body. Today we are going to get to know alkaline water or alkaline water.

Alkaline Water is drinking water that is alkaline. Including having a lot of minerals that the body needs to mix, such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. In addition, alkaline water is water with small molecules. Makes it easy for the body to absorb water to use in different parts. This makes alkaline water more beneficial to health than plain water. It also has a balanced pH. suitable for human body thus helping to protect the body from the destruction of excess acid that is the cause of various serious diseases and helps restore the body by washing waste down to the cellular level Help against free radicals. Makes the body immune system easier and stronger enough.

Lowers blood pressure and diabetes.

Research in China found that drinking alkaline water Continuously for 3-6 months, it can greatly reduce both blood pressure and sugar.

Helps to flush toxins from the cells easily.

Due to the smaller molecular groups, it is easily absorbed into the cells. can remove waste acids out of the cells to burn

Minerals that are beneficial to the body.

such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. Able to dissolve beneficial minerals from food well

Alkaline water obtained from the electrolysis process. Packed with the following features:

Alkaline water can neutralize the acidic balance in the body caused by stress, anxiety, fast food, soft drinks, coffee, liquor, cigarettes, and pollution, said researcher Dr. Robert O Young, author of the book “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.” “The body produces fat cells to trap and balance excess acids in the body.” Therefore, drinking alkaline water will help balance excess acid in the body. It also helps the stomach produce highly acidic gastric juices, but the body produces bicarbonates, which are highly alkaline. which will be absorbed into the blood stream and circulated throughout the body This is good for the acid balance in the body as well. however This water should not be drunk immediately after having eaten a full meal as it will reduce the concentration of gastric juice, thus reducing the concentration of gastric juice.

The water obtained from the electrolysis process has a high negative charge and is an excellent antioxidant. Helps reduce cell deterioration and DNA in the body as well deterioration of age The incidence of degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, rheumatism, skin is caused by the destruction of body cells by metabolic waste acids and free radicals in the body. Therefore, drinking alkaline water will help balance acid waste in the body. It also helps eliminate free radicals that cause various diseases. Suitable for patients with serious illnesses and premature aging.

due to the electrolysis process This reduced the molecular size to 6 molecules per group. It is much smaller compared to normal water, such as tap water, conventional water purifiers, mineral water, bottled water. The water with small molecules will be very beneficial to the body as follows.

◉ Absorbed into the body such as blood stream and cell power easily (Better Penetration), so it can bring nutrients, oxygen, antioxidants Quick and easy access to cells Makes the body able to receive nutrients better It burns more food and is also suitable for patients with serious illnesses.

◉ Helps to flush out toxins from the cells easily. Because the smaller molecular groups are easily absorbed into the cell, they can easily leave the cell as well. and can bring acidic wastes that the cells metabolize and excrete from the cells into the bloodstream and eliminate through the kidneys For this reason, those who tried drinking alkaline water for the first time may have drowsiness Because the water is absorbed and excreted quickly. causing the body to react suddenly

◉ Provides better moisture Because there are smaller water molecules make it easy to drink and drink more Alkaline water tastes good. With smaller molecular groups, it can better stimulate the taste buds on the tongue. As a result, the body is hydrated. Makes the body work better, stronger, has a higher immune system

◉ Help reduce blood pressure and diabetes. from research in China It was found that drinking alkaline water in people with high blood pressure, sugar levels and blood lipids. Continuously for a period of 3-6 months, resulting in those symptoms decreasing. It also helps reduce blood viscosity. which may help reduce stress cardiovascular disease as well

◉ Helps the excretory system It can help relieve constipation. clean the intestines Detoxify the body which makes the excretory system work better Resulting in better absorption of food and metabolism of the body. as well as strengthening the body’s immune system

◉ There are minerals that are beneficial to the body such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium, etc. Alkaline water has small molecules. Makes it able to dissolve useful minerals from food well And can be absorbed into the cells in the body quickly. especially after exercise It will help reduce symptoms of dehydration. eliminate exhaustion because minerals can be absorbed into the body quickly

Research results on the effectiveness of alkaline water or alkaline water in medicine

The weight loss aspect isn’t just about fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, or calories, it’s about acid. to the weight we dreamed of It is simply a matter of maintaining the very delicate pH balance of the blood in our body. Based on research by Dr. Robert O Young on lifestyle to balance your body chemistry. change the shape in a lighter shape to fit the weight Natural and permanent The best thing is to get rid of unnecessary fat cells in the body. Our body has a weak alkaline state. But with the current environment Eating and living lifestyles cause almost all acids to enter the body, such as drinking soft drinks, snacks, fried foods, stress, etc.

Many researchers have conducted research on alkaline water. In terms of efficiency, for example, a study on the efficiency of alkaline water. Alkaline water in medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner Department of Physiology in 1931, who discovered the cause of 99 percent of the disease caused by the body being 1000 times more acidic than normal conditions, allowing the villain to thrive in a lack of oxygen oxygen Normal cells have a pH of 7.35. Malignant cells with a pH above 7.5 die, and malignant cells reach 8.

And there is also a study of Dr. Hiromi Shinya (Dr.Hiromi Shinya) in 1968 using alkaline water (Alkaline Water) produced from electrical appliances. Treatment of patients with intestinal disease and examination by colonoscopy It was found that it can treat serious diseases. Later, in 2004, it was proposed to use alkaline water to help prevent and treat serious diseases at Kyushu University. Fukuoka Prefecture Japan In addition, the results of a study on the efficacy of alkaline water by Jamie A. Koufman studied the Potential Benefits of pH8.8 Alkaline Drinking Water as an Adjunct in the Treatment of Reflux Disease. pH 8.8 is different from normal drinking water. Drinking water with a pH of 8.8 has the ability to inhibit pepsin in an irreversible form, so consuming alkaline water may have therapeutic benefits. For people with acid reflux disease

When everyone knows that Water is very important to the body. Therefore, the quality of the water we drink is as important as the amount of water we drink in order to maintain our health and wellness. Our bodies are designed to be alkaline. and is designed to operate in acydic mode Alkaline water is therefore best suited to our body.

Alkaline water in science

The pH alone is not enough to make water very alkaline. Alkaline water must contain alkaline minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium. And has the potential to reduce oxidation reduction (Oxidation Reduction Potential), where Oxidation Reduction or ORP is an indicator of cleanliness of water and its ability to destroy contaminants. This is an important part of water quality testing. The more negative the ORP value, the better. The more antioxidants. Alkaline water has a negative ORP of about -300 to -700 and is full of electrons that neutralize unstable oxygen in the body.

Alkaline Water-alkaline water-alkaline water It is the result of the process of electrolysis of the chemical composition of water. also known as electrolysis process (Electrolysis) which is the discharge of electric current directly into the water through a cathode plate which will produce negatively charged alkaline water and anode plate which will produce charged acetic water. Plus and another result is minerals in alkaline water Will be separated from the minerals in the water with acidity. Causing this water to contain minerals that are alkaline are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The acidic water part is full of acidic minerals: chloride, fluoride, sulfur and phosphorus.

In addition, during the electrolysis process will reduce the water molecules from 11 to 13 molecules per group, reducing to only 6 molecules per water group. And this is the result that makes alkaline water have smaller molecules than normal water. In science, the name of water with a lower number of molecular groups than usual is called “Electrolyzed Reduced Water”, also known as “Restructured Alkaline Water” with the fact that alkaline water has half the number of smaller molecular groups. thus helping the body that drinks this water to be able to better absorb water into the cells As a result, cells, tissues, and organs in the body receive more moisture. and also bring nutrients into the cells to burn better and faster Helps the cells to excrete waste that is not good for the body, easily metabolized through the cells. It helps drive waste out of the body. (Detoxification)

Therefore, it can be considered that drinking Alkaline Water is another natural process in excreting waste from the body. and in the electrolysis process The water is rich in negative ions (Negative ions). As a result, the water has special properties to help resist and destroy free radicals in the body, slow down aging and deterioration of the body. Including the occurrence of various serious diseases

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